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Bang! Gym & Bang! Fighting Championships

*YOU KEEP THE SIGNS AND BANNERS! Sponsorship Promotion Defined - All promotional materials are professional designed and printed full color. 

Logo Presence
– Products or services promoted via banners, center of ring, vendor booths, event posters, program ads, radio advertising and promotional products provided by sponsors to give out (Merchandising Give-Aways at Center Ring) to attendees throughout the fight. Your company will reach a significant number of people beyond the attendees and fighters at this event.
Vendor Booth – Limited number of vendor booths available for companies to showcase their products during the event. Product samples and promotional goods distributed to your target market.
Banners and Framed Signs – 4’ x 8’ Banners hung in stage area where fighters enter. 4’ x 5’ and 3’ x 5’ banners hung strategically throughout the arena. 3 x 3 marque signs located on the side walls in the arena. Fight sponsor banners with include the fighter and his/ her information. 

Media Exposure – Based on sponsorship levels, your company will be promoted via radio, internet, e-mail, fight poster distribution, program advertisement and ring announcements during the event. 

Professional Promotion - The Bang! Fighting Championships is professionally promoted and managed. Fights are sanctioned by the MS Fighting Commission. Safety will be the standard at this event, medical staff will be in place and security will be handled by the Sam’s Town Security team. 

Selective Sponsorships are Limited - The attention of attendees will not be shared by hundreds of messages only a select few, that’s you!  Reserve your sponsorship today, space is limited.

This event is being promoted by Fred & Tammy Fisher of Fisher’s Black Belt Academy and Bang! Gym
1941 Goodman Road #102 • Horn Lake
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